Prosperamo Legal

Corporate Law / M&A

  • Incorporation and liquidation of companies;

  • Changes in corporate structure;

  • Filing changes with the Commercial Register

  • Joint Venture Agreements;

  • Legal due diligence of commercial companies;

  • Legal proceedings in relation to transfer of shares and/or reorganization;

  • Advisory and drafting of commercial contracts;

  • Advisory and drafting of corporate documentation in consideration of client’s personal needs and requirements;

  • Consultancy services.

Our strength is our ability to bring together a team possessing the right mix of legal, business and commercial skills with match our clients’ business needs in a precise and efficient way. We can ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT the legal cases and projects in a complex business context and deliver high-impact and sustainable results. As a premier Law Firm, Prosperamo Legal helps leading enterprises, SMEs and businesses to develop, build, and operate along a strong legal framework and standards which enable them to stay ahead of their competitors and always be a step ahead.

In today’s business world, you need to be ready for tomorrow.

Prosperamo Legal works with you and your business so that you can make the right moves. First.

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