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BREXIT: Business opportunities and risk management

Brexit Opportunities for Global Business.   Whether you already have a UK business or whether you were thinking of starting up in Britain, you may be feeling a bit wobbly after last week’s Brexit results. But don’t panic. All is not lost. While Britain starts slowly...

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Bloomberg TV Interview – European ‘tech tax’

Prosperamo I Bloomberg TV Interview with expert comment of Att. Polina Terziyska on the proposed European 'tech tax'. Policymakers across Europe are developing rules that would force tech companies to pay taxes on revenue generated in the region, rather...

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7th Economic Forum of Manager News

Prosperamo I Legal was pleased to attend the Seventh Economic Forum of Manager News.   Is the Bulgarian economy ready for the expected slowdown in growth rates? The Bulgarian government has been pro-cyclical in recent years (a strong increase in public...

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“Manager of the Year” 2018

Prosperamo I Legal was pleased to attend the 11th edition of the “Manager of the Year 2018” competition.   This year the competition gathered more than 60 business leader and managers of leading Bulgarian companies. We thank Manager News for the invitation...

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Startup Europe Summit 2018

The management team of Prosperamo I Legal took part in a productive round table meeting and discussion.   Prosperamo Legal  took part in a productive round table meeting and discussion with Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and...

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Digital4Plovdiv Conference 2018

Prosperamo I Legal  was pleased to attend and be a part of the Digital4Plovdiv Conference 2018 - Digital Solutions for Retail and FMCG Industry. Which are the Biggest Myths related to GDPR regulations and how can you build practical GDPR solutions for your...

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Digital B2B Technologies Conference 2018

Prosperamo I Legal was a part of the Digital B2B Technologies Conference 2018.   Digital B2B Technologies 2018 conference brings together the best practices and use cases in B2B field. The event was held on October 12, 2018 in the Congress Center of...

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Innowave Summit 2018

Prosperamo I Legal was an official partner of the conference and was a part of the discussion panel on Digital Marketing Trends. Innowave Summit 2018 is one of the best high tech conferences in Southeast Europe with a major accent on Digitalization of...

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Webit Festival. Europe 2018

Prosperamo I Legal was part of the Webit.Festival Europe 2018.   The 2018 edition of Webit.Festival Europe was held between 26th and 27th of June 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria and was organised under the patronage of the European Commissioner for Digital Agenda...

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